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Superior Towing offers you the most reliable, safe and efficient tow truck services in the entire Calgary area. We offer a wide and varied range of towing services. We, Our 24 h hauling and roadside assistance is available for all kinds of vehicles, fromnew to old, expensive or not, and we guarantee:

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Here at Superior Towing Calgary, we have experience with all kinds of vehicles from the largest to the smallest, the heaviest to the lighter, the newest to the oldest. We know how frustrating poor service is. We’re here because we want to improve your towing experience.

Expensive car towing

High quality cars require higher quality care- we get it. Not only is specialty care needed to maintain their value, but higher quality vehicles often have unique dimensions that need to be addressed. We understand that and have the equipment required to accommodate your specific needs.

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New car towing

The majority of our day-to-day calls are for “everyday” cars, because they’re the cars we live in and rely on. We all have a life to get to, and we trust our vehicles to get us there. When, however, they don’t, we can. You can trust on our "everyday" experience with "everyday" cars. We know what we are doing.

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Old cars towing

When we say “old” we mean a few different things. Whether your beloved classic is having some roadside trouble, or your old junker in the yard is ready for some new scenery, we’ll be there. In fact, we’d love to swap you- we’ll take the car, you’ll take some cash. Yup, we pay you to let us haul the goner away.

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From motorcycles, to heavy duty equipment (bobcat, boom lift, utility, etc), to travel trailers, to boats, we have flat deck or pintle hook towing to get what you need, where you need it. Read more about all of our delivery, towing, and transportation services, available for a wide selection of vehicles.

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