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So you were in a rush and may have accidentally parked semi-illegally and now you have to deal with Calgary impound lot. Good news is, we can get it back for you. With our light and medium duty towing capabilities, it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle got locked up, we can take care of it.

So Uber yourself home, or maybe the weather’s nice enough for a walk, and call us. We’ll have it back in your driveway as soon as possible.

Or, if you were in an accident after repair shop hours and your car was towed to Calgary impound lot, we can retrieve it for you and get it where it needs to go. No one has time to waste letting their car sit in an impound lot any longer than absolutely necessary, so call us. We’ll be there to tow away your car ASAP. Call us and give us some details and we’ll start the process. You’ll have your vehicle back soon.

Our company is uniquely certified to retrieve vehicles from the impound lot. If you are unable for any reason to drive your vehicle, we have the necessary approvals to transport your car back to your home or to a repair shop. We’ll never leave you or your car stranded.