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  • Impound Recovery and Retreival

    Was so great to find you so fast and you answer was prompt when I needed the most. Thank you for taking so good care of my car. Next time i need to remove my car from impound lot in Calgary I know for sure whom to call. I totally recommend Superior Towing to all who want great towing services in Calgary and Alberta region.

  • Scrap and Junk Car Removal

    I called them to take my junk car from my backyard...I expected them the whole afternoon...they said an hour of waiting and it was more than that...at least they came and they were apologizing to me..though they were okay I was pleased about the cash for the junk car.

    johnny P2016-02-134
  • 24h Service

    They are moving fast.I was amazed how fast they came at my request. They work like pros and i was also pleased about prices.

    Brad V.2016-01-035