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Move your boat

near or far

safe and sound!

Your boat is safe with us!

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Time to hit the water

We know your boat is your pride and joy. Whether you fish or you cruise, your boat is important. It is a pain to move, though. We offer flatbed tilt-deck boat towing services for local and long-distance relocation. Whether you’re spending the weekend on the lake or moving across town, we make sure your boat gets there, too, safe and sound.

We also offer our 24 hour services for boats in need, so if your truck broke down while towing the heavy load, we can take care of both.

With our light and medium duty towing capabilities, we can move anything from your motorcycle, to your trailer. Give us a ring at 403.618.7876 to ask us about what we can do for you and get a free estimate.

Now you can spend your time more efficiently preparing for your trip, and we’ll dedicate our time to making sure your plans don’t go to waste. Happy Sailing!