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Dead Battery?

Call us, we’ll get you back on the road ASAP

safe ASAP

You’ll be going again in no time.


No one has time to deal with a dead battery

We’ve all been there. You forget to turn off your headlights, a door didn’t close all the way, or the little reluctant shoppers listened to the radio for just a tad too long, and now you’re stuck in the parking lot with a dead battery and no one to ask for help. The good news is, that last part isn’t quite true. You’ve always got us. From now on to jump start a car battery is no more a problem.

The worst part about a dead battery is the lifetime it takes the repair guy to arrive. We’ve been there, and we hate it. That’s why here at Superior Towing we prioritize our distress calls and make sure you spend as little time waiting around as possible. You have a day to get on with.

We’ll never leave you stranded with a car that won’t start. Give us a call and we’ll be there in no time with the battery booster and expertise to get you rollin’ again pronto.

You also have access to our Emergency Calgary Roadside Assistance, so no matter what ditch you find yourself in, we’ll be right behind you to get you back out.