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We take pride and great care in towing your highly valued vehicles. If you love your luxury, sports, or classic car, you can rest easy with us. With our general and specialized services, we can handle anything from your backyard junker to your high-end pride and joy. Below is a description of our exotic car services and an additional list of services offered for all vehicles.

For your specialized vehicle, we offer flat deck towing for classics, antiques, and luxury cars to avoid any additional wear. This is particularly favored when relocating or transporting an expensive vehicle a long distance, either for a show or a move. We offer low-clearance and low-profile towing to compensate for any vehicle and any route.

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Services we offer for your classic or high-end car

24h Service Calgary Car Towing

It’s scary to be stuck, but it’s scarier to be stuck alone, in the middle of nowhere, in the dark. Our 24 Hour service is what you need. Call and help is on the way.

Battery Boost Calgary Car Towing

Are you stuck in the parking lot with a dead battery and no one to ask for help? The good news is, that last part isn’t quite true. You’ve always got us. Call and will answer.

Car Lock out Calgary Car Towing

It happened to you too? It’s okay. We know the feeling. Call us next time you’re stuck and without a wire hanger handy and we’ll be there to get you unstuck and on your way without making a great show out of it.

Flat Tire Change Calgary Car Towing

Whether you were cruising down the highway when your tire blew or rolled over a nail to find a slow but sure leak, we’ll make sure everything’s taken care of and patch you up till you can get a replacement.

Fuel or Gas Delivery Calgary Car Towing

So you really thought you could make it, but your car had a different idea. It’s all good, we deliver! Nobody has to know. Give us a call and save yourself from being the butt of every joke for the rest of forever.

Local and Long Distance Transportation Calgary Car Towing

Moving? Off to a car show? Heading to the lake? Wherever you need to take your car, boat, or equipment, we can deliver. We’ll make sure everything gets there safe and sound.

Light Duty Towing Calgary Car Towing

We have the tools required to handle most any typical load, including the smaller ones, like motorcycle, quad, or other small vehicle, we provide towing and relocation services city wide and long distance..

Medium Duty Towing Calgary Car Towing

We handle all vehicles and equipment with the greatest care, and with our specialized trucks, we can care for them correctly. There’s nothing in the small and medium duty category we can’t handle, call us!

Car Lock out Calgary Car Towing

Our company is uniquely certified to retrieve vehicles from the impound lot. If you are unable for any reason to drive your vehicle, we can transport your car where you need.

Car Lock out Calgary Car Towing

Accidents and emergencies are scary, let Superior Towing take a little bit of that stress off your shoulders. You can call us at any time and we’ll be ready to come to the rescue.

Relocation Calgary Car Towing

Moving can be so exciting! There’s a new city to explore, new foods, new people, a new life, all just waiting for you to arrive. Regardless of the type of load, let us do the heavy lifting. It’s our thing.

Roadside assistance Calgary Car Towing

Our 24 Hour Roadside Assistance will get you out of whatever ditch you’re in with highway towing and emergency recovery available for light and medium duty needs. We’ll be on our way immediately.

Local and Long Distance Towing Calgary Car Towing

You were on your way home from out of town and your tire blows, you were in an accident, or otherwise need a tow truck while out of town. It’s fine, we offer long distance towing for just the crisis.

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