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Nice to meet you. We’re Superior Towing

We opened our doors just over a year ago in January 2015. As a startup company, we’ve been working hard to gain the community’s trust. We have been so thankful for the acceptance and support we’ve received here and are so excited to be embarking on our second year.
Each year we work harder to better tailor our services to the needs of our neighbors and friends. Our services extend city wide and beyond to ensure that no one is ever too far for help. We take pride in the quality we provide our customers with and work continuously to improve our customer's experience.
As Calgary residents, we value the safety of our family and friends and extend that concern and care to all of our fellow Calgarians. Our business strives to make our community a safer, better place.
By choosing Superior Towing, you are not only choosing quality care, you are choosing to support local small businesses. You are supporting our community. Let’s make Calgary our own.
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