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Towing Service

Having your vehicle break down is the worst, especially when commuting to work or on the way home. We are here to assist you with all of your towing needs at reasonable rates, whether you need us to transport your vehicle to a mechanic or simply transport it from one spot to another. Call and help is on the way !

Battery Boosting

Are you stuck in the parking lot with a dead battery and no one to ask for help? The good news is, that last part isn’t quite true. You’ve always got us. Call and we’ll answer.

12/24 Volt Boosting

Cars/SUV’s/Pickup Trucks

Diesel Trucks

Car Lockouts

It happened to you too? It’s okay, we know the feeling. Anyone can get stuck in a position like this and very little people know who to call and what service to look for. Fortunately, Superior Towing offers the perfect solution for you. You can call us now and our car unlocking professionals will arrive at your location instantly. We provide emergency lockout services 24/7 at a lower cost than anyone else.

Winch Out

Calgary winters are tough and getting stuck in the snow is an ordeal almost every Calgarian has dealt with. Whether you’re stuck on a local road or in some ditch, there’s no need to worry. Here at Superior Towing, we have the equipment and expertise to get you out of any situation. We provide service in Calgary and surrounding areas and over the years we’ve dealt with almost every situation a driver can get into. Call our direct helpline 403-618-7876 for assistance right away.

Impound Lot Retrieval

Our company is certified with the city of Calgary to retrieve vehicles from the impound lot. Many times there are situations where you are unable to drive your vehicle out of the lot, in which case you can call us to tow it out and drop it off at your desired location or mechanic shop.

Flat-deck Towing

Do you have a low-profile sports car, antique, or pricey automobile that requires special attention? You’ve come to the right place if you require towing and transportation services that specialize in extra care and protection for your exotic, expensive car. Superior Towing provides professional flatbed towing services, ensuring that your exotic vehicle is handled with the highest care. Don’t comprise quality by choosing a cheaper Towing company which might damage your car.

All vehicles, including small cars, motorcycles, vans, and large trucks, are towed by our high-quality flat deck tow truck fleet.

Terik Flamond
Terik Flamond
@Terik Flamond
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Incredibly professional, well versed in how to properly operate their equipment and load my Supra ( a low sports car ) onto a flat deck without issue. Extreme care was taken and I can recommend this option if you need something well taken care of, taken care of. 5/5 Professional operator.
Andrew Finnestad
Andrew Finnestad
@Andrew Finnestad
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Nice company to deal with. The driver was courteous, kind, and efficient. He really cared about my car and ensuring it was secured well and delivered to the dealer for repairs. I called around to be sure but the cost was affordable too.
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I would definitely recommend Superior towing to anyone who needs to tow their car, these guys are fast, reliable and fair with their prices compared to other companies.
Chester Laurea
Chester Laurea
@Chester Laurea
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Thanks for towing my vehicle around the Christmas time when it was super busy. It really helped me out.
Joshua Sinanan
Joshua Sinanan
@Joshua Sinanan
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I'd give 6 stars if I could. Arif not only customized the service for me (left my key in the sun visor so I could still be at work), he suggested a mechanic that has fast, dependable and low-cost service based on what was wrong with the car. The cherry on top: he arranged to have his towing billed through the mechanic. A good one-stop-shop experience.
About Us

Towing is not a headache anymore!

We value fast response times and expert service, because we know you do, too. Trust Superior Towing to get the job done right with minimal discomfort.

Whether you’re stuck with a flat, or your car has mysteriously failed you, you can rest easy knowing we won’t. Call us and we’ll be there momentarily with whatever you need, whether that be a new tire, fuel, a battery boost, or a tow. We’ll take your car to the local repair shop and have you back behind the wheel and ready to roll in no time.

With our emergency roadside assistance available 24/7, you’ll never be left stranded no matter where you are, what you need, or when you need it.

Be picked up anywhere by trained professionals within Calgary and surrounding areas.

Calgary Car Towing Company:

Emergency Services for Cheap Cost: The Best Tow Truck Service in AB

We know that having your car break down can be a nightmare. Its our goal to make sure your problems are solved and thats why we’re the best towing Calgary has to offer !

Yes, we are talking to everyone in Calgary AB requiring services such as:

WHATEVER THE PROBLEM IS, just know you can count on Superior Towing to provide you with premium towing services in Calgary and surrounding areas!

The Calgary Towing Service that Should Be on your Speed Dial!

We are confident that we are the best towing Calgary has to offer in order to provide motorists with a reliable tow truck service! Stuck in a bad situation in Calgary or one of its surrounding areas? Just know you can rely on us – just press the call button below.

We will be there for you when you need us the most and you can always count on our premium roadside assistance and the best tow truck service at a very affordable cost!

Got stuck in a ditch? No problem, we can winch you out! Batteries ran out of juice ? Dont worry, we’ll give you a boost!

Got locked out of your car? We’ll unlock that for you! Need help changing a flat tire? No problem, we can provide you with safe roadside assistance and change it for you!

Want to enjoy a night out without driving your car home? Again, that is no problem with our towing company, CALGARY and its citizens can be stress free ! We will take your car home so you can enjoy a night of drinking with your friends and take a cab home safely!

Safe, secured, and hassle-free: these are the things that we guarantee at Superior Towing Service Calgary! All for very affordable prices.

Cheap Towing Calgary!

The common misconception is that hiring a tow truck service is expensive. Yes, it could be true for some towing companies, but with Superior Towing Service you will always be charged a fair amount which makes the both us and the customer happy!

A towing company is not just a service you call when you need your car towed. At least not for us. We offer unparalleled services in Calgary and surrounding areas that you just might need right now the next day, or further in the future.

Many towing services in Calgary AB offer the same car towing Calgary services as us—but rest assured that if you choose us, we will make sure to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.

The Car Towing and Other Calgary Towing Services that we Offer

We offer a bunch of services. Some, you might not even think you needed. So we listed down a couple of our best car towing services from the Calgary towing company that has your back!

Car Towing and Emergency Car Towing Calgary

Of course, our leading service is to tow cars, small cars, medium car towing, oversized and heavy duty towing, and even motorcycle towing. Whether your vehicle has broken down in the middle of nowhere and you need roadside assistance, or you just want to get your car from point A to point B when you cannot drive, WE GOT YOU!

The Calgary Towing Service

One of our primary services is the tow truck service. It includes towing small vehicles, motorcycles, truck towing, heavy duty vehicles, and more. If your car has broken down on your way to work, on your way home, or on your way to anywhere else in Calgary—there is no need to worry.We can provide you with a hassle-free tow truck service that will assist you until you and your vehicle safely get to your destination. We have trucks and many other types of vehicles that can handle your towing needs. Plus, we do distance towing and flat-deck towing—which is needed if you don’t want your high-end vehicle getting damaged when towed.Our technicians and drivers will take utmost care of the vehicle when on the road, so do not hesitate to call us when you need a tow truck service that cares about the haul. We are happy when our customers are happy, so serving you also makes us feel good!

Battery Boosting

Sometimes, when your car won’t start or has suddenly stopped in the middle of the road is because the battery is dead. It is one of the most common reasons why cars don’t start suddenly, especially if there aren’t any known damages to the engine and other components.If that is the case, we can also provide you with a battery boost. We can do a car jump start, get you a new battery, or see what the problem is—and help you solve it! Our technicians and professionals are experts in troubleshooting. And in case we cannot fix your car on the side of the road, we can always back you up with a towing service you will find helpful in times of need.Our lines are open 24/7, so if you cannot find anyone to jump start your car when you need the necessary boost to start—call us anytime, and we will be here. We don’t want your car to break down at any time, but we are always here to serve and help you when the need arises. Our affordable services will definitely get you more than what you paid for.

Fuel Delivery

We don’t blame people who lose track of how much gas or diesel they have left, and sometimes you can run out without notice. It is common to run out of fuel, especially on long drives with fewer gas stations apart.Aside from towing and battery boosting, we also offer fuel delivery to get your car running! If you need the gas to get to your destination, our towing service with a fleet of many teams ready for dispatch will obtain and deliver you with the fuel your car needs when you accidentally run out.Our immediate response will get you where you need to be fast. If you need emergency roadside assistance, you can count on us at any time for your fuel delivery and other services like changing your tire.

Tire Changing Service

Aside from being low on fuel, another reason for breaking down in the middle of the road has a flat tire. In case it happens to you—you already know who to call.Anyone can indeed change a flat tire. However, not all the time do you have the right tools to lift your car and change the tires. We offer tire changing, emergency towing, and other emergency services if that happens.Another reason for offering this excellent service is safety. You might be able to change a tire yourself, but sometimes you might bust your tire at inconvenient places like highways, in the middle of the road, or any other place where it is not safe to change a tire without an early warning device for incoming traffic.Either way, we are towing and roadside services providers in Calgary that value your safety above everything else.

Car Lockouts

Getting locked out of your car or leaving your keys in the cabin or even in the ignition is common, especially with old cars that may auto-lock with the keys inside, depending on the car’s make and model. If this occurs to you, you can call the best and cheap towing service Calgary has to offer. A locksmith might charge you a lot more, but you can rest assured that we will assist you and get your vehicle unlocked without inflicting any damage.Our rates are very reasonable, meaning our car lockout service will not cost as much as towing. Depending on your location and situation, we will offer the most reasonable prices, and you could not expect less from this towing company in downtown Calgary.

Winch Out Tow Truck Service

Another common thing that happens to vehicles in Calgary is getting stuck in the snow, especially during the winter. Calgary winters can be harsh, and getting stuck in snow can happen depending on where you live.The good part is, you can call us whenever because we are here 24/7 to serve you. If you ever need your car to get winched out of sticky situations—the best professional towing services in Calgary are ours to offer. We have been doing it for years, and we will continue to do it as long as there are people like you who require our help.

Impound Lot Retrieval

Do you need to retrieve a car from the impound lot? No problem, we can do it for you! Our towing services are certified within the Calgary Jurisdiction—meaning we can retrieve your car from the impound lot. Whether your vehicle is running or not, we can pick it up for you and drop it off wherever you want us to.

Equipment Towing

If you own a business or any heavy machinery that your vehicle cannot carry from point A to point B, we can do it for you with our Equipment Towing service. We can take it anywhere within Calgary and surrounding areas, so don’t worry about the distance.Also, you don’t have to worry about the load too. Because no matter what size the haul is, the best towing companies in Calgary like us would be definitely able to handle it!

Flat-Deck Towing

Not all vehicles are fit for towing. If you own a pricey automobile that requires special attention, you do not want it being hauled on the road by a tow truck. But if it breaks down for some reason, we have special trucks that can carry it on its bed to make sure it can be transported without damage or so much as a scratch.This service is primarily for exotic and unique vehicles but is also used for towing cars that are not capable of traditional towing. All cars, including small cars, motorcycles, large trucks, vans, etc., can fit and be towed by our high-quality flat deck tow truck fleet.

Why Choose Us?

Although you have many choices, the best reason to choose us for your tow truck and transportation service needs is because of our friendly service. Every technician and professional knows what they are doing, but nothing matches how we put our customers first!

Superior Towing Calgary: The Best Towing Service in Calgary

These services are always available, especially if you have a car-related emergency that requires the power of our tow trucks and heavy machines. Thanks to our licensed and skilled team of professionals, the simple solutions we offer are made more affordable for you!If you ever find yourself stuck in any situation, accident, locked out of your vehicle, or more—we are always here to make sure you and your vehicle get home safely. We can rule out the common misconception that towing services are expensive with our rates.We have been doing these services for years, and nothing can beat experience with people and cars. Our drivers and technicians are professionals who always put service first so that you can expect smooth services from us—although we don’t want to see you get your car broken down anytime soon.